Help! New sod lawn is getting more yellow by the day!

JenniferLee23May 29, 2014

We just installed a sod lawn 7 days ago. Before it was installed we got the soil tested and prepped the area. Each day more and more sod turns yellow, it isn't just along the edges as I have seen in other posts, but also occurs in large patches throughout the 7,000 square feet. We think we are doing things correctly - water 2x a day, once at around 5am and again at 5pm. We don't have a sprinkler system, but have been using "rain trains" and other spritzer and fan sprinklers.
Here is the confusing part for us. The sod is moist, the ground under the sod is moist (I would say 3-4 inches deep) but the yellowing sod itself is very dry and brittle. Additionally, the sod is starting to root (even the yellow stuff) - but the sod itself looks very unhealthy.
The sod is a 3 blend Kentucky Bluegrass. Another important note is that our lot slopes so the soil is much "wetter" at the bottom than it is at the top portion of our lawn. We can't decide if we are over watering or under watering.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, it is so hard to see such a time-intensive and expensive project go downhill so quickly!
Thank you so much in advance!

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If the soil is moist to that level, it is very possible you are over watering. Even if the water is not a source of the problem, you are wasting water. You do not want the sod to be "squishy" when walked on. How long are you watering each time? What have been the daily high and low temperatures since you laid the sod? Look at your grass blades for signs of disease like lesions and fungus. Google for images and descriptions of KB turf diseases and compare those pictures to your blades.
How did you prep the soil? Did you add amendments? What amendments? How did you incorporate the amendments? How long before you laid the sod?

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