Pulling weeds from newly seeded lawn

patmycanMay 27, 2014

I've got some good growth coming in on my newly seeded lawn, but as to be expected I also have some good weed growth. I'm wondering what the consensus is on picking the weeds by hand or whether just to let them grow until I can start using an herbicide.

My fear is that picking the weeds might be disturbing the soil and the added foot traffic might be doing the same.

Any thoughts? I hate to be out there pulling weeds every night for nothing.

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Being that the lawn is newly seeded, I wouldn't worry about the weeds just now. As you stated, the grass is too young to handle the foot traffic. Some of the weeds are probably annual and will die out this summer anyway.

Right now, concentrate on getting the grass growing as thick as possible. That will eliminate some of the weed problem; the rest you can tackle later.

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