General questions about Toro 20684 (2 Cycle Suzuki)

chesapeakebeachApril 20, 2010

My 1988 Toro 20684 with the 2 cycle Suzuki that I got as a curbside throwaway is now up and running (fresh gas, replaced fall-apart-in-your-hand fuel line, replaced fall-apart-in-your-hand air filter, new spark plug, new spark plug boot, new fuel filter, rinsed crud out of carb bowl).

Anything special to know about care and feeding of this beast? I took the muffler off and there's some, but not a lot of carbon and gunk in the header. If I decide to clean the insides of the muffler, what chemical or detergent do I use? I see in the maintenance book that Toro recommends using a wooden scraper and not something sharp for carbon removal (sounds like a good idea to me). Is this even needed if the engine seems to be running well?

The rear wheel liners look like they were fabricated out of large soup can lids -- could that be the case or do they come like that?

When the mower's running on fast without the blade or wheels engaged, it sounds like it's overspeeding -- should that be a concern? And when I pull back the throttle, the engine dies with about 1/3 of the distance to "stop" left to go. Again, normal?

One thing I found was that replacing the air filter made the engine idle a lot more smoothly -- fewer RPM ups and downs.

Will sharpen the blade when time permits and take the mower for another test mow.

Thanks for any and all feedback and thoughts.

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Sounds like the throttle cable needs an adjustment.

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I got a season or 2 from a dumpster Suzuki 2 stroke 20684 and then moved up to a 77 IH Cadet 80 sitdown. Long enough to know that it was nice mower. This summer, I rescued a 'Zuki 4 stroke Toro. Its a jewel.

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Are you ingterested in selling your Toro 20684 nmower? I need it for parts.

Many thanks.

Marietta, Ga.

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Wabbout shipping? It is in rough shape, but except for the carb linkage, intact.

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lawnmowerdan(ne fla)

take a propane tourch to the muffler to burn out carbon but its seldom an issue with this engine

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I picked up a 2 stroke toro 20684 at a yard sale, not running. I disassembeled carb and cleaned it with carb cleaner, put it all back together, and it will only run so long as one sprays gas into carb. Carb is getting fuel, and float and jet appear to work. Anyone got a clue? Clearly gas is not being imported into engine from carb. Compression feels fine. Do I need new carb gaskets to improve vacume? This is selfpropelled and im getting to old to push my lawn boy. Welcome all responses.

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