I have info on the red bottles

toomuchglass(5)August 21, 2012

I went to the Purple Foot today and talked with the owner . He said they're only available as wholesale , for businesses. He did give me the website for his distributer ...so Nona - maybe you can get your wine guy to order some for you !

On the website , there's a button for "find retailer" by you . Type in your zip code and maybe there'll be a retail outlet close to you . If there is , you can have them order them for you . I wish it was easier ..... but this is the best info I could get ! Look at their online catalog and you'll see the red bottles.

Here is a link that might be useful: L.D.Carlson Distributers , Ohio

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Thanks! I went to the site and now my local wine
place is on their list. Have to to go Toyota
this morning for maint.
will call this afternoon to see if he indeed has them.

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Didn't get a chance to call that afternoon--storm Isaac
was coming. Cleanup time! Had to move some tin, take down
all the birdcages in the trees, and the tire swing-PLUS!
During the time the Eastern quadrant storm bands were hitting us, they were not open.
And now today is labor day! Life gets in the way sometimes...

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amigirl(Fl 9)

But aren't they still flashed and not all red? How will they hold up in the sun?


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for me anyway! The case of 12 bottles would cost $22 for shipping and handling, plus $38.50 a case. Can you believe it!!! I told the lady I talked to that you were paying $1.40 per bottle, and she said maybe you should buy them for me and the shipping would be cheaper. Her idea, not mine. It turned out that my brother-in-law (he gives us wine for Christmas) buys his wine bottles from her, and she buys all her printed cards and stuff from my cousin. She has seen my messy garden, because the print shop used to be next door to me, but not any more, so she has not seen the blue bottle tree.
When I am in Indiana for 6 weeks I will check there to see if there is a local wine supplier.
Thanks anyway, Toomuchglass for the info.

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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder why they were so cheap at my wine store. While I was there , I asked if people could order them directly from him. He said " They can ,but I'm taking my cut". The tone of his voice told me he really didn;t want to. He has a corner with used empty bottles,some different colors - they're 35 cents each. Easy to make a bottle tree ~ LOL
I wish I could have been more help . :(
Good luck !

PS - amigirl, yes, they are sprayed red, It's a very good coat , I can't even scratch it off. I haven't had them out in the sun long enough to see if they fade ! So far .....so good .

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