Help... mower trouble

JenandDave4everApril 27, 2014

okay so this is my first post so go easy on me but we are having some trouble with our craftsman Briggs & Stratton mower. it wasn't new when given to us but ran just fine. in the middle of mowing one day it started running very loud and choppy. belching white smoke and it looks like oil misting out of the exhaust. the spark plug is oily when removed and the oil smells like gas. it runs when started but has no power and will die if pushed into grass. Is it worth trying to fix?

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Post the Briggs Model & Type numbers.

I suggest that you also download the IPL from Briggs for that specific engine.

The needle & seat in the carb is leaking through.
If you are somewhat mechanically inclined.........
Change oil after repair.

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Lookup for videos on youtube for lawn mower carburetor repair. You will need a repair kit from HD/Lowes for 6-7 bucks. It is not difficult. Also change oil and put fresh fuel. Oh, and replaced the spark plug too, seems like it is fouled Check the air filter too. It should take an hour to do all that and about 20 bucks.

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