Is electric mower safe on excessively wet lawn

mariinoregonApril 11, 2010

My lawn is extremely wet, very spongy and my feet get wet walking on it. The experience is much like walking on a saturated kitchen sponge. Is it safe to use an electric lawnmower (corded not battery powered) on it? The lawnmower is a Black and Decker model I purchased two seasons ago.

It's been raining very regularly here for the last three weeks. Two to three days rain or more and then a day of sun and then back to rain.

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I personally would not use a corded electric mower in the conditions you describe. However, the risk of electric-shock can be reduced if you are using a three conductor, grounded, extension cord, plugged into a GFIC outlet, that has been tested, and is known to be working. In your situation, I would be using a different type of mower, either gas-powered, or battery powered, to cut the grass.

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+1 or ericwi's answer. Also, I suspect the mower is never going to cut correctly with so much wet grass getting balled up under the deck.

I'd just suck it up and wait for the ground to dry a bit, and then go over the grass twice -- once with the wheels as high as they'll go, and then again (maybe after raking) to make the grass a bit neater and shorter.

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BZZZZZTTT!! "Guess i should have bought the gasoline powered machine! But, at least, i have a nice puffy cloud on which to loll around on, watching and waiting fer my dear wife to get electrocuted by the same mower!"

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Buy an extension cord plug with a GFCI built into it. Then you can use it anywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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let the ground dry out

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