Sand for spot leveling bermuda lawn?

MildineMay 29, 2014

I'm new to lawn care, recently taking over all duties, after watching the hired company nearly destroy our new bermuda lawn (2 years old). I've read through the bermuda bible at least a dozen times, and just about any thread I could find that dchall_san_antonio and texas_weeds have posted. I'm following the steps, and just applied about 40 lbs of alfalfa pellets over memorial day weekend. I have a bunch of uneven spots after the new sod settled, that I would like to start leveling out (before I do a full on leveling project, and to taste what I'm in for). My question is, rather than buying 1,000 lbs of Masonry Sand, is there anything else I could use, that would be found in a big box home & garden retailer? I read do not use play sand, but what about the other 50lb bags?

Thanks in advance! So much useful information here.

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If your Big Box store doesn't carry sharp/mason sand at a reasonable price, many of the landscape suppliers or garden centers that sell it by the yard (they may not call it mason sand), will often allow you to buy it by the bag. ( commercial Gravel and Sand yards usually won't) They might require you to fill the bags yourself-mine do. The other sand you find at the Big Box stores is for mixing concrete and it will contain small pebbles and stone shards. I've used it in a pinch, but I recommend avoiding it.

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If you want just a couple bags of sand the big box stores will have it but usually only 100lb bags. Look for those and i think they say coarse or medium sand. Can of a pain hauling around 100lb bags but almost all of the 60lb bags is the wrong stuff.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Just curious, where did you find alfalfa pellets in SoCal?

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I have a similar situation. My house was a new build and I have huge low spots where the sprinkler lines were laid and around the perimeter of the house from rain run off before I had gutters put in.

I have used 3 bags of paver sand from Lowes and mixed it with a bag of local topsoil to fill in really low spots. It is not ideal, but it has definitely worked and has given me a feel for the process. I would say grab a bag or two and give it a go. Then go through the full process!

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@ dchall_san_antonio:

Stephens Hay & Grain on Riverside Drive in Glendale. Seems to be a good number of horse owners in La Canada and Burbank areas.

So if I see it in a 50 lb bag (all purpose sand for soil) it is the wrong stuff? Should I just bite the bullet and get top soil?

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If it is free of little pebbles and little flakes/shards of stone, that will do.
You do not want to use top soil.

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