lawn mower repair (mower won't move after changing V-belt

forager1945April 29, 2012

I am very inexperienced with mechanical repair. Although this is probably a general mower question, the mower is question is a Troy-bilt 34044 (recoil start) lawn mower.

I changed the vbelt, wrapping it properly around the pulleys, as shown in the manual. When I engage the "Blade Drive Control", the belt tightens. When I disengage, the belt loosens.

The Problem: The motor starts, idling smoothly. After I set the gear level to move forward and then squeeze the "Wheel Drive Control" (what I would have called the "throttle"), there is no resistance as I squeeze, and the mower does not move.

However, if I squeeze the "Wheel Drive Control" (throttle?)without squeezing the upper "Operator Presence Control" lever, which is directly above, then there is resistance on the "Wheel Drive Control", though the mower still does not move.

After eyeballing the equipment and searching the manual, I cannot find a clear connection (spring, lever, etc.) that connects the two controls. As a rookie, I had some difficulty removing the old belt and may have jostled (disconnected?) something. I'm certain that I caused the problem, as I drove the mower to the garage to tend to the broken v belt.

I've adusted the threaded rods, as suggested by the manual, but no change in resistance on the "Wheel Drive Control" level.

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This is a walk behind is it not? If so I would suggest (and I hate suggesting this) taking the belt back off and check the drive clutch pulley when you engage the drive for movement. Either that or the belt is to loose for operation. I had a scag walk behind do this to me after changing the v-belt. Its more likely the belt isnt tight enuff. I may be wrong..

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Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is a self-propelled Troy-bilt (circa 1994) with an 8.5 HP motor.
Perhaps you're right. Unfortunately, I gave up and brought it to a mower repair company. When I get it back, which could take a while as this is their busy season, I'll post their findings.
I can't figure out how I was able to drive the mower to the garage to change the belt. When I checked the belt before driving it, the belt was broken, more off than on the pulleys. After I got to the garage, I then removed the old belt. Never having changed a V belt before, I tried to pull on the broken belt, and probably pulled way too hard, given the resistance. I finally figured out how to move the guides on the engine pulley, which were difficult to see and get to, and then completely removed the belt. I may have tampered with some moving part, however, with all the pulling I did. Hopefully, the repair man will give me an honest accounting of the problem.

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Yeah one of my mowers did this 2 me last year. I was so upset with the thing I tinkered with it for like 2 weeks. Finally I took it 2 a repair shop (which cost me nearly $140). Just To find out when I replaced the belt i had pretty much knocked it out if gear it was a simple fix. Mower had a manual push switch behind the drive pulleys that was not marked and completly disengaged the driveclutch so you could push the thing instead of letting it pull you around. You mite have a similar problem with yours.

Who knows???��� Thoughts?

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