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baccalynnwv(5b West Virginia)April 8, 2010


I am in the market for my very first riding lawnmower. I am only able to spend around $1,000 - maybe a tad bit more.

I only have a couple of acres to mow around my home but my yard is very rocky with slight slopes here and there. The rocky situation is getting better over the years as the kids and I keep picking up the big ones and transporting somewhere else, and every year I have more grass and top soil. (It has taken me 4 years to have enough soil that worms felt happy enough to live around my home. LOL)

My property was given to me by family and at some point in its history was strip mined.

Anyway, I've read reviews on the 42" cut Pony by Troy from Lowes. They were not encouraging. So, what are my other optoins for a good mower? I only have Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Tractor Supply within 45 minutes of my home and would rather buy at one of those stores than have to travel much farther.

Thanks for the opinions.

These pictures were taken a few years ago. There is a litte bit more soil and grass now.

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You will need more than a $1000 mower for your property. 1K today is considered super entry level, adequate for 1/4 acre super flat, super clean grass.

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baccalynnwv(5b West Virginia)

Yeah. I kind of figured thats what I was going to read.

I may not be able to mow grass this year. LOL

We had been using a trailmower type thing but it doesn't want to work regularly. Plus, I hate using it and wanted something a little more simple.

I'll just keep saving the money till I can buy a more expensive one.

So, money aside - what would be good for a couple acres, rocky and uneven ground?

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