My fairy garden...

cadillactasteAugust 30, 2012

I made this back in July 2011. My friend had made one prior, which I had commented that I thought it cute. So while my son and husband were away on a mission trip. She took me to Amish Country where they had a shop with fairy garden items to make up your own or ones already done up. I fell in love with the bird planter with the Angel Ivy already in it. So I went with the "bird" theme and went from there.

While creating my fairy garden there...I had assembled it on the counter. Next thing I know another customer comes over and grabs my planter and goes to take it right out from under me! As she slid it closer to her on the counter. I was like..."EXCUUUUSSSE MEEEE!?! [but in a soft voice]" She was like..."I just LOVE this fairy garden!" I was like..."Well, thank you. So do I, thus why I assembled it to get a visual before taking it home." She was like..."Ohhhh you don't work here then." I was like..."Nope, sorry I don't this one I just made up for myself."

I love how the ivy drapes down over the planter.

I got a faux tree at a craft store along with some purple flowers and just cut off the blooms and stuck them in the ground for some more color came later. I wanted a bonsai tree but the care for one didn't allow me to disrupt my ivy roots by removing a buried pot to soak the tree. This was the next best thing.

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome to the forum Cadillactaste!! We love fairy gardens here and yours is especially nice. Love the bonsai tree and the little chair with the faux flowers, but I especially like the container! Is it made of stone or concrete? Really cute. Thanks so much for sharing it with us and I hope you'll share more of your projects with us too.

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Thank you Marlene for your kind words. I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. Surprised because in my head I envisioned something completely different when I headed out that day to put together or purchase a fairy garden.

The little chair is actually a garden gate that I hung a bird house from.

As to the container. That was what "sold me" on making my very own fairy garden. I just HAD to have it. What it's made from...I almost think it is a type of pottery with a stone distressed finish.

We're trying to plan another Amish Country trip. I so would love to do an outdoor fairy garden. Though I wonder if it's to late in the year to really plan one. Or if one just brings it inside...since I'm leaning toward some sort of container style.

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Love it! Is the store by any chance called "Country Gatherings" in Berlin, OH?


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No wonder the lady wanted it!! Very nice & love the fairy & birdhouse with gate. The container is so natural looking. TFS Jan

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I love it!! I've never made a fairy garden, but this is inspiring me to try one.

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Glad you found us so we can see the wonderful
creation you made!
I just read your member page--so glad you posted
a paragraph there! Most people don't. I love it
when they do.
Come back often!

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Recently added this bird bath...just realized that I didn't post a current photo from photobucket.

Arlene it very possibly was that store...that was where we went shopping.

Thanks Jan, I wasn't rude to the woman who tried to take it...because I took it as a compliment!

Laurastheme I say GO FOR IT! It was quite fun putting this together. Again totally in the opposite direction as I had pictured in my minds eye.

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I'm just amazed everytime I see one of the gardens.

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Marlene Kindred

I LOVE the birdbath! So cool! And I have no idea why I thought that was a plainly has a birdhouse hanging from it...oh well, yesterday was a very long day.

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Oh this is very cool! You chose just the right accessories for it! No wonder that lady slid it her way! I love the container & the ivy plant, too! Jeanne S.

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Marlene we've all had days like that...I call it a garden gate, but it very likely is also a trellis. lol To each person's vision I reckon.

Jeanne, thanks! The ivy at first looked centered and draped the entire planter. But I was easily able to pull it back to one side. The container is what sold me on it. I am an avid bird watcher...and have bird accessories around the house. So this was just so fitting for my decor.

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