Law Suit Settlement

DA_MccoyApril 9, 2010

I received two post cards announcing a potential class action law suit settlements. According to the provided information I would qualify for two of my JD machines. All I have to do is file my claim form before August 31, 2010.

At this time Google only reports the url referred to by the postcard. My JD dealer has just heard about this, but has not received any information from JD.

Any of you kind folks receive a like notification? Is this legit? One wonders as there are so many scams now-a-days.

Thanks,and always feel free to visit the Computer Help Forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Settlement Information

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As far as i know it is legit. I received one but trash canned it. But, that's just me.

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This looks legit . Sounds more of a Moral Issue than Safety , Proper Horsepower Rating of Equipment. I wonder if the Snow Blower Manufacturers will have the same problems ?
Seems just a USA Resident Claims Issue. Personally I would deep six the offer unless it was Safety Related , but then again Proper Technical Info is important in some instances and misrepresentation of Facts (if so) may prove to be costly I believe over 65 million dollars if not mistaken lol .

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Class action lawsuit. The lawyers get rich and you'll end up with about $1. Then more engine makers move production overseas to offset the cost. All over 2 or 3 tenths of a horsepower rating that no one will ever feel. A shame.

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Just dropped in to advise that this does appear to be legit as it has now appeared on television. It appears to be more than one CA with various potential out-of-court settlements pending. Up to $35.00 for a walk behind, up to $75.00 on riders and depending on the engine/manufacturer a year's engine warranty.

Yes CAs are attorney money makers, but for me I plan to focus on the extension. It's to my benefit.

Thanks for your input.


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I never thought the HP ratings being stated as a max rather than at actual operating RPM was a big deal. You still get a basis for comparison, in that you know that an engine rated at 7.0HP (at 3600 RPM) is more powerful than one rated at 6.0 HP (at 3600 RPM). What difference does it make what they're actually putting out at 3000 RPM? One is going to be more powerful than the other, and all engine makers are going to be pretty close anyway because of competition. Why don't auto consumers have a similar suit because the rated HP of car engines is far above what the engine is putting out at highway speed? Its just that ridiculous - basically a bunch of idiots that can't figure anything out for themselves. Like it makes any difference when cutting grass that you don't know exactly what HP the engine is putting out. It should be sufficient to know the max HP of the engine. Yes, its for real, and I plan to apply for whatever I can get out of it. Might be enough for a box of cigars.

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Don't expect any Cuban Cigars Sax lol ! Oh you can count on the Lawyers getting Richer without a Doubt .

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Actually, the suit says they were putting different HP Ratings on identical engines and pricing them accordingly. That is false advertising.

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