Future GJ, now what...

rock_oak_deer(8b TX)August 14, 2010

The best kind of junk, from our own roof. Free and I didn't have to haul it anywhere. The roofers are coming next week and we've recently updated some other stuff so these had to come down. Score! Any ideas?

I think one needs a whirly roof vent on top, but I'd have to find that first. Giant garden sparkler base? What else?

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Pillars! How cool!! You could set a pot of trailing vines or flowers in the top of one, or both.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Hey, good idea! Pillars for a fence or gate, frame the path to the shed maybe. Would love planters on top, but they would have to be secured somehow and deer proof plants only. We have all types of critters here. Squirrels might have a hard time climbing those so I could put a bird feeder or bird house up there.

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I immediately saw the beginnings of a tin-man, but then again, I live in Chittenango, NY (the land of OZ).....

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No, mmebrady, I immediatley thought tin-man too LOL.

I would be tempted to paint them, cut them different lengths, and put gazing balls on top of them with sparklies down the sides of the pillars.

Could also cut out holes in the sides, slip a pot into each hole & create a living pillar.

Not quite sure how to go about it, but you could make a giant bird condo.

Could drill & attach a ton of solar lights to it & have a trippy solar column.

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The 2 longer pcs I would cut ...so you have a total of 5 pcs (diff hts) & then wrap them altogether with kind of thick wire...leave them in their galvanized finish & use as garden art among some Hostas or choice of plants. The curved pc looks like the body of a caterpillar (giant one!) or creepy crawler critter...could sit a bowling ball at one end for a head! (paint the body with polka dots). Have fun with whatever you do...great saves! Jeanne S.

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Wow everyone has given such good advice! And the best part is I have several of those laying around at deer camp! Lay no more...those babies are coming home!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Great ideas, everyone. Thanks, so much fun to read all of these. I have been wondering if I could accomplish something like a tin man, but would need more "parts" and more skill. I do love the garden art statues made from junk parts that I've seen. Attaching them together is a great idea too.

I wish we could plant Hostas, but they just won't grow here. There's plenty of other options like Yucca that would look good.

oldcrafty - until recently when I found this site I might have ignored those pipes too. For the last heavy trash day our neighbor threw out a wheelbarrow and I didn't even think of a planter. Now that broken wheelbarrow would have been mine in a minute!

Keep ideas coming, it's hot out there so will be a while before I do anything outside.

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