Craftsman Lawn Tractor Transmission problem

bopritchardApril 3, 2010

So i've got a 5 yr old Craftsman lawn tractor that sounds like the transmission is gone on. It starting making a clicking sounding going in reverse then progressively got worse, so that even in forward it was doing it. Finally it quit moving. Motor sounds great it just will not move. I'm a DIY guy but don't know where to start with this one. Is the trans pretty much a self contained sealed unit that you don't repair? Do I just order a new transmission? Ideas on where from for a good price?

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Many thanks...

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Some model numbers would be a big help!! Is it a hydrostatic transmission, or a regular shifter type. What size engine. What are serial and model and type numbers on the motor! If it is the shifter type transmission, do you always stop before changing gear speeds? If you don't stop to shift, you can damage the transmission. We'll also need the numbers from the number stickers on the tractor. Might be under the seat, or stuck on it somewhere.

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Duh, sorry about that.
Craftmas 42" LT 1000

Model #917.273404
SN# 081604D004200

I think it's a hydrostatic transmission. It says AUTOMATIC over the stick and the stick operates just like a throttle, no clutching.

Thanks for all the help

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If that picture comes up, you'll see the gears in your transmission. You'll see that some of the gears meet at a 90 degree angle. That's probably where your problem is; they are no longer meeting. You can probably repair these yourself, but it's time consuming.

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In particular: Gears 13 & 14

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