Weed Eater Lawn Mower Problem

wxman81April 26, 2008

I've been having problems with my weed eater lawn mower. It has a briggs and stratton engine. The problem is when its running it keeps missing and I can occasionally smell gas. It gets up to full speed when first started, then the missing starts. Here is what I did to try to fix the problem:

1) Replace spark plug.

2) Replace throttle springs.

3) Replace oil.

4) Replace all gas in tank.

Any advice on what might be wrong? I'm scratching my head. All repair shops want to charge as much as the mower is worth.


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Post the engine Model & Type numbers so we know WHICH Briggs you have.

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Ok, here's the numbers:

Weed Eater product number: 961140002
Weed Eater serial number: 112204001556

Engine hp: 3.75
Engine model: 9L902
Engine type: 0305 E1
Engine code: 04111851


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Replace the diaphragm & gasket on the carb mounting.
PN 495770. $3.05
Make sure you replace in the correct orientation.
While the carb is off, clean any pick up tubes/screens with carb cleaner.
A whole new carb is only $22.10 according to the Briggs website. PN 795477

I don't understand the gas smell though, considering the way the carb is mounted. Is it snug to the tank?
Are you getting black smoke when it misses?

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Check the carburetor body to see if the surface that holds the diaphragm in place is warped at all - if so, only replacing the diaphragm may give you the same problem as the carb body will not hold the diaphragm securely in place.

The gasoline smell would be from your current diaphraghm/gasket not being sealed 100% between the fuel tank and carb body, and this will also throw off your air/fuel mix and cause it to run rich (hence the smoking/rough running).

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i have a roybi weed eater not sure of the model are anything like that i have cleaned the muffler and attached it back to the weed eater and it will not start but when i take the muffler off it will start now here is the mystery i have tryed 3 new mufflers and still the same problem any suggestions?

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Not sure why my message I posted the other day is not here. I had the same issue and its easy fix and you have to buy nothing. Just take off the fuel filter (one flat head screw) which is the black compartment above the primer button. Take that off open it up and clean off the sponges with your fingers. I garuantee you have those caked with dirt. do not use water... use your finger and compressed air. There will be 4 or five wholes with sponge in them. This needs to be clea for the gas to sift through.

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That's not the fuel filter. That is the air filter. And you can clean it with soap and water. Make sure to oil it with a little clean engine oil afterwards. Yes, this will make it run bad.

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I have a homelite weed eater and it doesnt run as fast as it should.I cleaned out the carb and it didnt help. what should i do?

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regarding your weedeater lawn mower..

im having this issue and have to recondition my mower--same model--this weekend and someone posted this on some forum i looked through this past afternoon:


this dude's pretty cool, he replaced the diaphragm while holding a camera the entire time.

Here is a link that might be useful: guy replacing the diafragm of his weedeater briggs and stratton mower

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recoil on my lawn mower doesnt wind back up. Does anyone know how to fix this? Getting tired of having to wind it up manually before using. Thanks in advance.

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I've got a Weedeater lawn mower model# 96114001400. It has a Briggs and Stratton engine model# 9S5021019B1. It would start and then die. I took the carb apart and cleaned it. No help. Changed the fuel and cleaned out the tank. No help. Finally. I removed the cable on the handle that kills the engine when released. Now the engine starts easy and runs again, however it has a bad miss. I'm thinking it could possibly be the carb diaphram, as I did not use a new one. The old one looks good, although I realize this may not necessarily be correct.
I've tried to find a parts diagram on this particular model but have not been able too. Does this engine have points or a condensor? One friend told me it doesn't and another said it does. If it does I need the part number(s). Thanks

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hi i have a 22in cut weedeater 158cc b and r model 96114001502 mower will start if i prime it but will not stay running i have to prime and prime will not stay running anything i could try thanks

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I just bought a weedeater lawnmower from Home
Depot with a Briggs and Stratton engine. I got the lawn mower started, but can't get it to go forward or reverse. I'm sure the solution is easy, but I can't figure it out.

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Today we have started our 21" 550 series 158 cc lawn mower for the first time. It started to surge right away and then started to run smoothly but then started to surge again. What is the cause and how do we fix it?

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I have a new 22" WeedEater Mower, 3 months old, used about 3 times. Piece of junk will not start now. It has gas, oil level is good, I cleaned the air filter but nothing. This thing is clearly a lemon. What a waste of $250. I for one will never buy another weedeater product. Thankfully I bought a used Honda mower at a yard sale a moth ago, the thing is 7 years old, starts on the first pull and mows like a champ.

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