How should I manage this weed in my new lawn?

kmack17(6 NJ)May 27, 2012

I planted a new lawn this spring and, as I expected, have a decent amount of weeds growing. It's predominantly this:

Here's a pic of the weed in the grass:

I'm ready to mow my new lawn and was wondering what these weeds are and should I pull them out by hand before mowing or mow now and use weed killer when the grass will better tolerate it?


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Your lawn is a bit too young for weed killer, usually they recommend three mowings before applying. Just mow it for now, and when your grass is mature enough to use a herbicide, you can spot spray those with a tank sprayer (Weed B Gone Max should kill that).

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kmack17(6 NJ)

Thanks, I pulled out some of the larger ones, but had to wait to mow because of some rain. Once my lawn get tolerate it I'll spray some weed killer on the ones that are left.

Thanks for your help.

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