Cutting Sod Into Plugs

fruitjarflaMay 31, 2010

Do you think that a paper trimmer would work - to cut sod into plugs? I have tried various cutting tools to slice sod into plugs but haven't found a good one yet. The kind I refer to is the old style cleaver attached to a heavy board. Buying plugs from just a relatively short distance costs about as much to ship as the plugs (St. Augustine plugs, for example). A cutter would be very handy since the local Home Depot and Lowes sell sod throughout the summer.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

I though of doing the exact same as you stated. I found that flipping the sod over, root side up and a swift swing of a machette will cut almost all sods. I did 4 pallets of Empire turf. Each layer into 36 peices. I had over 4000 plugs, 8"x8".
Another way is to use a chain saw. Stack up 4-8 peices of sod and cut right through it. Its quick but youll mess up the chainsaw.
Back to your orginal question, no, I do not think a paper cutter will work well. The sod is to heavy for it.

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To cut through KBG sod, I just used a utility knife with the blade extended about an inch or two. Even though it was a "snap-off" blade, it didn't break at all and was fairly easy to cut with. (I'd still wear leather gardening gloves, just to be safe).


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Machete has my vote.

Get a nice heavy one with a straight blade and you can whack anything into pieces.

Like this one:

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Joined Gardenweb so could tell you guys how I cut sod for plugs. CIRCULAR SAW AND MASONERY BLADE WILL GET IT DONE

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