Craftsman riding mower won't start, please help Newbie!

mondonga(7)April 20, 2013

I am a 1st time person to forum, please be patient I need help. Ok my Craftsman 17hp riding mower is only 21/2 years old and last year had to replace idler bearing which was just barely under the warranty thank goodness. This year My mower won't start. It was stuck in gear.I couldn't get it to go forward neutral or backward. So I did locate the problem and pulled the break extension out and unlocked it in it worked. I had to replace the battery it was dead and I put a brand new one on it. So I fully expected it to start. However it still wouldn't makes no noise it doesn't crank it doesn't do anything it doesn't fire doesn't do anything. I already check the starter is fine. Oh one thing I need to add, when the clutch is depressed it lock up again in I have to re lease it again by hand. And I am totally confused now. Nevertheless it still will not start.

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Maybe the model# will help you to HELP ME.
MODEL 247.289020

SERIAL 1B240B80301
ALSO WRONG MAKE.... It's a LT2000 19.5HP 42" Craftsman.
I want to add that EVERY TIME I unlock the freewheel lever from brake caliber it will go into neutral, but if I push the clutch it locks right back up.
Still won't start!

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It sounds like the device that holds your clutch IN, and acts like a parking brake, is activating every time you push the clutch in. You should be able to see this if you follow the linkage. Have someone push the pedal in and see what's happening.

It sounds like you have a safety switch problem. If you can make your starter work with your battery, the problem is probably a safety switch or maybe a bad ignition switch or wire that fell off at the switch. Check your fuse too. Be sure the unit is in neutral, the clutch fully in, the PTO turned off. Try moving the shifter, or pedal, a little bit off neutral with the key turned to start. If you have a neutral safety switch, you may need to go slightly towards forward and reverse to make contact.

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Well I got it started and running! I had to jumpstart from the starter. Don't know what you call it, just kept trying things. Hope it starts tomorrow.

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