First Attempt at Building a Beautiful Lawn


Hello everyone! My wife and I have purchased our very first home here in Arkansas, Zone 7A, in Zip Code 72858. Along with making it our own, we are very focused on building a beautiful lawn and organic natural garden. We have 3/4 of an acre and the house sits nearly in the center of it all so there's lot's of room! We have discovered, after the winter season, that our lawn is covered with weeds. We're think there may be grass in here somewhere but we're not quite sure what kind it is or how to separately identify the grass from the yard weeds. We have taken a few pictures of the most prevalent weeds. We've uploaded the tip of one of the weeds with this post. We have more photos but we're not sure how to get them all uploaded. There are less than ten total. Some things we have tried on the yard are Scotts weed and feed plus 2, and a product called 2-4D. It's been at least a month, and no improvements. Can any of you help us please? Thank you so much!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

That first picture is a fescue seed stalk. Fescue is a legit turf grass. Here's another picture.

Have you been mowing? Apparently you missed some spots to get those seed heads.

Here's something I wrote up to help people include multiple pictures in a post.
GardenWeb does not host pictures. If you have pictures hosted somewhere else on the Internet, GW can link to them. An Internet photo hosting site might be tumblr, photobucket, picasa, or some others. Then you need to use the correct HTML code so it shows up here. Here is that code.


You get your photo URL by bringing up the photo (in your browser at the host's site) and right clicking on it. Select Copy Link Location. Then paste that location between the quotes in the code above. The quotes are necessary for this to work. Don't leave them out. The photo URL should look like this

Putting it all together it will look something like this...

<img src="">;

Then post your message like normal.

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I guess I should've mentioned, I _the husband) go to school full time in the day, and work at night lol. My wife is a Server at a restaurant so I don't really want her push mowing the big yard after she comes home either. With that being said, it's really only been about 2 weeks since I last mowed but that's only because I had last minute exams and then this past week was finals week. But now I'm out until June1 and mowing first thing tomorrow morning! I love to mow but with rain and school, it makes it hard. I uploaded more pics for you guys to check out. Please let me know if you still think this is Fescue. If you run the broad grass like blades between your fingers, it hangs up like there's little hairs or some kind of sharp rough surface to it? I picked the stalk out of these clumped up patches. Thank you very much for helping us! Im only uploading one pic for now so I can see if it worked, If so, I'll upload the rest also. Thank you again!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Remember, what you see in Preview is what we'll see in your actual post.

Here's the OP's preceding post with photos:

The show in the picture is size 12 just to give a perspective of how big these are getting. Again, this is after two weeks of rain and no mowing. The first time I mowed, I kept my blade at exactly 3". The weeds seemed to have gotten worse so I made the decision to try and scalp it and then use scott's weed n feed with plus 2 on the same day I mowed. As you can see, it didn't help, so we're back to the 3-4" I guess?

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Thank you "missingtheobvious". I wasn't sure if I was getting it through or not. It appears that the first picture didn't go through but the others did. Would that be correct? Thanks again!

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Trying to identify and attack one weed at a time when you have a garden salad in your yard is not going to work. I wrote an article called "Weed Control: The Triangle Approach" that outlines how to eliminate a bad weed situation without a ton of experience. You can google it by using the article name and my user name. The article doesn't promote any companies, lawncare companies, etc. Best of luck!!

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