Lawn Mower Blade stuck!

kevingalaxyApril 15, 2009

Hi, i have a craftsman 22 inch mulching mower, the nut just wont come off, ive tried wd-40, wrenches, the manual says turn it counter clockwise? Does this sound right maybe they got it wrong? Should i buy an impact wrench and try and get it off? Ideas?

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Take the spark plug wire off the plug and ground it. Turn the mower up on it's side with the carburetor on the high side. Take a piece of wood and block the blade - sometimes you have to hold the wood block by standing on it. Using a long ratchet handle or breaker bar, put your weight on it and break the nut loose. Yes, counter-clockwise is right (also 'lefty-loosey, righty tighty').

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I just went through this recently.I let pb blaster(wd40 but better),let it sit for 24 hours or so,really soak it in.

Then I used a breaker bar as saxman said and it broke loose.You need more leverage and just soak the hell out of the nut.

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Also, a 6-point socket, or end wrench.
Don't even think of using a crescent wrench.
Also, warm it up the nut a 'little' with your propane
torch, but not too much as you might damage
the lower engine seal.

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If you don't have a breaker bar or a long ratchet handle take a regular ratchet hand and put a long pipe over it for leverage - worked for me and of course following all the safety precautions above.

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I always use a pipe.

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