what kind of grass is best for...

Natura23May 28, 2014

Hi ya'll
we finally moved to a house with a big back yard where our kids can play
Well our toddler hates it... is all rough
land with many small sticks, leaves from last fall
and weeds. So I want to turn it into a lawn but I don't
have a clue on what kind of grass to chose.

We will have hens that we will let play around when the kids
aren't playing.

I would rather not water it or at least not very often
if this is possible. All I want is some smooth area for my kids to play

For what I understand you use round up and then
till it? we don' have a tractor or tiller and the area I chose
is as small as a quarter of an acre.

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Chickens' favorite thing to do is scratch and eat seeds. That is incompatible with establishing a lawn with seeds. Best time for seeding fescue or Kentucky bluegrass is September. Anything you plant now will not survive the summer heat. You could clean up sticks and leaves now, keep the weeds cut through the summer, and do whatever planting you decide to do in September. Do not till. Roundup will kill the weeds. You would do that in August. Not sure what you could do about the chickens while you're trying to get grass to grow. They would have to stay out of the area. Maybe you could get advice from other chicken owners.

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Since you are in NC I highly recommend Bermuda. Withstands the heat and requires very little water after established.

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Apparently late spring/early summer is the time to plant Bermuda. I have no experience with it so hopefully someone else will have some advice for you. If you have access to Bermuda sod, you can plant plugs of it and it will fill in.

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With the exception of the very south east part of NC, Bermuda is VERY poor choice. The dominant and most adapted grass in most of NC is Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass, a mixture of both grasses makes a very competitive lawn.

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