Honda HRS21 won't stop!!

paclockmanApril 14, 2012

Hello all,

I have a Honda HRS21 mower that for it's age (1983) runs great, my problem is stopping it. This model has a flywheel brake system. I replaced the cable which controls the brake but the lever that attaches to a large spring under the deck doesn't move. Is there a way to adjust or loosen up this lever/spring? For now I just manually move the lever away from the switch to shut off the mower. Thanks!

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Are you maybe confusing the spring for a blade clutch?

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Possibly. The cable was frozen, that's why I replaced it but it appears that the flywheel brake is also frozen. I can't get the small lever that is mounted on top of it to move at all. (It looks like a large coiled spring and is located under the deck and above the flywheel- this model has the flywheel mounted under the engine).

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This mower doesn't have a blade has a flywheel brake that stops the engine when a bar on the handle is released. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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Two years later and I'm still interested in getting my Honda going (or should I say, stopping) again. Does anyone have information on replacing the flywheel brake! I hate to give up on this mower - still going strong after 31 years.

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I can't say that I've had the pleasure. If you look up the model at, they show the brake assy in with the cylinder description. At least that will give you an idea on what components are involved. Rusted up maybe?

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