Craftsman 6.5 Horsepower

pectiwitaApril 14, 2010

The problem that I am having actually started last summer when I was moving the lawn more I tilted the lawn mower forward on it's front wheels. And then I tried the start the lawn mower and it would not start. So I put the lawn mower back in the shed on the next day when I tried to start up the lawn mower it started up and ran for about a minute and it started smoking light blue smoke. And it then shut off. Could not restart it. I checked the gas and it was fine. I checked the oil and it smelled like gas was in with the oil. So I drained the oil & gas, changed the spark plug and filter. Tried to start it and got the same results. So I just put it away for the rest of the summer. So I went out and tried it again on Monday and it did the same thing. I have tried everything that I could toget it so that I could start cutting my grass. It has fresh oil, gas, and filter, spark plug but nothing. So can you please help me fix my lawn mower so that I can cut my grass?

The model# 917.388952

21" cut

if you need more information please let me know. In need of help badly.

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You probably got oil in the muffler. Run it for 5 minutes and it should clear up. A mower should always be stored with all 4 wheels on the ground. If you tip it on its side, always have the carburetor upward and don't do it for long periods.

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