Is there a broadcast spreader trick?

PinkFrontDoorMay 27, 2014

I was advised to use a 19-19-19 fert on my recently hydroseeded lawn by my landscaper. I bought the product and everything seems okay EXCEPT the instructions say "Scotts R8A setting K 1/2". I have a Scotts rotary but the calibration is in numerals not letters.

I've spent some time searching and I found two wildly different answers. One said, take the lbs per 1000 square feet and use that as numeral setting (in this case, I'm looking for 5.2 lbs per 1000 so I'd set it to 5.2). Another post said, count the number in the alphabet and use that (in this case, K = 11, so I'd set to 11). Clearly, the second number is double the first

Also, do I cross hatch? Or if I chose to cross hatch do I use 1/2 strength setting?

I promise, I'm not trying to be difficult. Up until this point I've only used milorgranite. That's a much simpler process.

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There are a number of ways to calibrate spreaders.
Just FYI, my Scotts rotary will spread triple 19 in one pass at the 5#/M rate at a setting of 5 1/2, but the spreader is a number of years old and not all spreaders are created equal.

One of the easiest methods of calibrating is to set the spreader at a number approximately 1/2 of the recommended setting. My setting should be at least in the ballpark for you. So set your spreader at 2 3/4 or 3 and make one pass of the entire area in one direction. Pour the unused fertilizer back in the bag and weigh the bag with a bathroom scale. Calculate how much you used and adjust the setting up or down as needed for the second pass in the opposite direction. For example, it you have a 10 thousand sq ft lawn, you are going to need a full 50 pound bag for the 5#3M product rate. If you set the spreader at 3 for the first pass and you have 30 pounds left in the bag after that pass, a setting of 3 applied 2#/M. You are going to need to increase the setting for the second pass.If you find you applied 30# on the first pass at the 3 setting, you will need to lower the setting for the second pass. Your calculation for the second pass setting is not going to be laser accurate and it would be best to be conservative and apply a bit less fertilizer than way too much. Either + or - 1/2#/M of product isn't going to hurt anything.

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