Look who came visiting...

rager_wMay 26, 2012

...when I was pulling ivy. The news has reported many bites this spring. http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff260/wrager46/copperhead.jpg

Is it true that I should pee in the ivy to keep them away?

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You need a pet honey badger, he will take care of it for you, because honey badger don't give a s$*t.

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Do like I did a couple of years ago. Stick your hand in there and let him bite you. Just make sure you got a snake eating German Shepperd next to you to rip him apart.

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Did you really get bit by one TW? The info I read says that most often with a human, it is a "dry" bite. Not thath I want to experience that!

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Yes i did get bit by a Copper Head about two years ago working on some landscape lighting with my dog Adolf.

Never heard of a dry pit viper bite, and doubt that a snake has that ability, at least not pit vipers. Certainly did not work that way for me or Adolf.

Adolf got the worse of it taking a bite on his muzzle which caused a lot of swelling and blocking his airway.

Anyway we are just fine. Cannot say the same for the snake. Last time I remember seeing that snake he was going in two different directions at the same time when Adolf bit him in half and slung the two pieces all over the yard.

Funny part it was the second time I have been bitten by poisonous snake. First time I was 14 or 15 walking down a creek bank and stepped on it, an Cotton Mouth. That one put me in the hospital a couple of days. Thought I was going to loose my leg at the time.

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