I planted KBG and want to mow my lawn

Mok57(5A)May 25, 2012

Hey all,

I live in Quebec, Canada and I overseeded with Scotts KBG mix 12 days ago. I know I should wait 3 weeks for seed to germinate but I also put some starter fertilizer and now the existing grass is getting really long! There are no signs of growth what so ever and I put the seed in areas that get 5+ hours of sun a day and I make sure my sprinklers water every day. The grass is approx 4.5-6 inches long (I cut the grass originally to 1 inch and I put some top dressing). What do you guys recommend? It's too bad KBG takes long to germinate (this is my first time just planting KBG mix) but I want to wait for good results. What do you all recommend?

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I would cut it to 2 inches. Yes I know about the 1/3 rule, but you are in Canada, cooler temps, and you are watering daily, the grass can handle it every now and then. Your KBG seed can handle being walked on pre germination. I would probably mulch mow as using the bag can suck up some seed and topdressing, and I would probably double cut it, the first cut north to south at around 3.5 inches, the second cut east to west at 2 inches. This will also make your clippings much smaller.

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When watering new seed just keep it damp don't overwater. For what it's worth I've overseeded my KBG 3 times now. I mowed it at 2-21/2" as tiemco said and I didn't worry about it. Most of it comes in fine eventually--gotta have patience of Job.

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Thanks for the awesome advice guys! I mowed it down to 2 inches patience is definitely key! 1 more week to go! I can't wait!

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