Honda Engine Surging, I Cleaned and Cleaned

rolmApril 28, 2010

Honda Engine Surging, I Cleaned and Cleaned

I have a craftsman Lawnmower with a Honda Engine, The engine is the standard Honda engine that is installed on many of the store brands. It is the 160 cm engine. The engine starts with 1-pull and runs great once the choke goes off the engine starts surging and stumbling. I did remove the center jet and cleaned it, Did not Help. I can not see any other jets or settings. One other note before removing the center jet I noticed it covered half of the side hole (where the jet screws in) What am I missing or is it time for a new cab. The lawnmower is only a few years old.

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There should be a club called "Honda Owners with Surging Engines) HOSE. Welcome to the club. I think every GCV160 surges regardless of how old it is. I am told the replacement carb is $15. Better just get a new one.

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I think I will buy a new carb. thanks

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I just order a new carb $41 and that is even cheap for Canade where we get stiffed for everything we buy. Must be our national health care. Oh just forgot I now have a honda carb I can kick around the garage floor. later

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