It's that time of year again for seedheads

grass1950May 8, 2012

My KBG is growing seedheads again and I've never found an answer as to whether the seeds will germinate or if they are sterile. Anyone have a definitve answer?

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They won't germinate.

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Is there something I can do to retard thir growth or is there something I'm doing that is encouraging the growth? It doesn't do much for the yards looks and it lasts for weeks.

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Growth regulators (PGR's) can reduce or eliminate seeding, but not sure if you want to go that route. It can depend on what cultivars you have in your lawn, there are some that are notorious seed producers, while others produce few if any seedheads.

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Well, The cultivar is kind of a mish mash . The yard was originally seeded at 6#s per 1000sqft with 50% of Midnite and 50% blend of six improved KBG cultivars (I put the label somewhere safe and can't find it now). A year later, I overseeded at 3#s per k sq ft with a blend of 3 improved KBG cultivars (that label is also in the same safe place). Am I right in guessing it's probably the Midnite? (I do know Nuglade was one of the cultivars in the mix)

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Go to page 120 of this pdf, and you will see the seedhead ratings for a lot of improved KBG cultivars. As you can see, most of them exhibit some seedheads.

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Thanks tiemco,

I consulted ntep data when I was selecting my cultivars but I didn't go that deep into the data to see that info. The amount of data they have was overwhelming. Not sure at the time I would have made it a consideration in my selection.

I'm astounded that you are aware that inormation was available, let alone have it at your finger tips.

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