ritaweedaAugust 9, 2010

We just got back from Sanibel Island and I have a bag of seashells, plus I have a large bin full from previous visits. Anyone ever done a seashell garden?? Any other ideas?

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They are fun to use for mosaicing.

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So very pretty. You've given me some inspiration.

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bverste(zone 5)

On the birdhouse, what did you use for the brd house? I was thinking about using a coffee can, or a piece (new not used) sewer pipe and maybe a metal funnel for the roof ala the tin man, and mosaic with small stones, do you think that would work?

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rita...if you type in "seashells" in the Search box above, you will get lots of hits on the Garden Web Forums.

I've posted this before but you may not have seen it...this is a birdhouse I gave a shell roof:

Have fun with your seashell garden! Jeanne S.

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Love that turtle, Luna!! Shells all around it aren't bad either! Jan

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bvrste, the birdhouse was originally a cheap little wooden thing from Michael's craft store. It had the straw roof which gave me the idea to create a "beach house" for the birds. I just glued different shells around the wooden base and then grouted it.

The turtle started out as one of those mossy looking things. It was green and fuzzy. I started scrubbing the shell to rough it up to glue the shells on when I discovered the moss stuff came off and it ended up with a cool greenish terracotta appearance. Then I scrubbed the "moss" off the rest of it. My friend has the turtle and loves it.

A lot of mosaics done with seashells don't use grout because you usually pack the shells in to cover every speck of space. I did it the lazy way. lol

Jeanne, I really love that birdhouse. The dark brown finish of the wood really sets off those pretty shells.

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