Spring Prep for Lawn Mower

betsyhacApril 17, 2012

I have a three year old Toro 21" Super Recycler Lawn Mower that I usually take in for a Spring tune-up each year. I have a very small lawn, so it's not used a lot. This year, however, I can't afford the $85 tune-up bc I've recently lost my job. Would someone please be so kind as to tell me what needs to be done before I use the lawn mower for the first time this season; that is, tell me how to do the tune-up myself? I think I probably should have done something to prep it for Winter as well, but did not, so as long as we're on the subject ... :) ... maybe you could tell me what to do after I last use it in the Fall before storing it for Winter.

Thx in advance,


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If it didn't have an oil change, you might want to do that.
IF the oil doesn't look "too bad", you might want to mow first, and then drain it when warm.

Air cleaner and new spark plug might not be a bad idea, but may not be necessary. Plugs usually last several years or more, depending on how much the engine is used.

Air cleaner can be very dependent on conditions you mow in. Dusty, replace more frequently than if you mow on lush, deep, moist grass.
Depending on the mower, AC's vary greatly in price.

See the post about storing for 6 months below.

BTW, I like to do my oil change when storing it for the winter. That way, you don't have the "toxins", for lack of a better word, sitting in the crankcase over winter.

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