Blue Bottle Fence Project 8.10

jeannespinesAugust 25, 2010

I've been wanting to do something in my gardens with blue bottles ... love all the bottle trees & ideas shared on this forum! Been mulling this over all summer & decided to try a few blue bottles near this grape/vine window that my friend painted for me & has been up for 2 yrs. now outside yr around:

My potting shed is also in this area...latex outdoor paint didn't hold up very well (2 yrs outside) I powerwashed it today with DH's help & will try some oil base paint on it...table & door were salvaged & very old:

Today I painted a metal barrel & drug it over by my blue bottle fence & put my patio Fern on top of it...looks pretty good there cause area is bare of's the blue bottle fence:

DH & I tried several gauges of wire & we bought these straight rods & he bent them for me for around the's a close-up. The wires are stuck thru a drilled hole in a strip of wood, then bent over ...then strip of wood we screwed into the bottom of the horizontal fence post:

Here's another empty wire...I need another bottle.

Here's a star with glass that I got at StVdePaul for $ was formerly a handle holder...cut off that part:

And this bottle, my fav, was too big to hang in the wire so I found this bottle rack with leaves that would hold 2 bottles of wine (right side up though) cut the bottom off it & used it to hold tall blue wine bottle (Germany one)...& bent the leaves around fence post area:

Ok, here's the whole works...I'll keep working on it some & share another pic when potting bench is re-painted...also I do have some grapevine that's coming along nicely on the right side of the painted window.

Hope you enjoyed my version of using blue bottles in my gardens! Thanks for lookin'. Jeanne S.

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Oh Jeanne! I really love the whole thing. Love the way you are displaying your bottles. Your potting bench is wonderful- Especially the chippy, weathered paint! I think I would try to seal it with a clear coat, and keep it just the way it is!

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LOVE that blue!
But, the potting bench is REALLY what catches my eye. I need to find something like that for my son in our greenhouse.
Great find!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love it all. What a beautiful yard. I'm glad to see how you displayed your blue bottles cuz I'm still pondering what to do with mine.

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Thanks, GJers...
tas...I'm not quite sold on leaving it so chipped up...I know lots of people really love that look & I like a little of it....ummmmmmm

giggles...this is what it looked like 2 yrs. ago after building it from an old enamel top table & old door & giving it a coat of paint:

crete...I do love the bottle trees & I tried one a little bit...but didn't think it looked "at home" in my I am trying this fence & liking it...I just came in from planting a big "Hosta" in front of the bottle fence & mulching it with big chunks of tree bark I peeled from some old logs. Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Oh two years ago it was so sterile - do antiseptic, while very nice not too much character. I agree with Tas

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Love the fence and the whole vignette.

The potting bench looks good with the chipped paint, but if you leave it outside the wood needs to be protected. Oil paint is the best way, but you could check on some other options like a sealer to preserve. Even a waterproof deck sealer in clear might work. Another possibility would be to use the oil paint, distress it again, then seal it.

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Your garden area is beautiful. I love how everything looks so peaceful. Enjoy and thanks for sharing your world here. I would leave the weathered look, fits in perfect.

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bverste(zone 5)

you and your husband have such a good eye, and imagination. I like your bottle fence--one of a kind! and once a gain, your pictures are professional looking, I wish I could do that. tfs (i finally figured that out) Bev

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What a great idea for bottles! And I love your gardens, they are always so tranquil looking. It probably has something to do with all that wonderful shade you have. I like your potting bench either way - the crisp clean white or the chippy weathered look. And what a wonderful idea for repurposing the candle holder too. I see so many of them that look great but then have that pesky candle cup on the back of them. lol Good idea to cut it off. Great job!

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Jeanne, you know how much I love your place and these latest photos are no exception. You do such wonderful displays and always I find them "inviting" and makes one just want to sit a spell. If I was your neighbor, you'd probably think I was one of your permanent garden fixtures. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Jeannie everything you do is so interesting and charming, and your photos as always so good; could even be a page in a Children's book, "When Isabella and Sophia came to the gate they exclained "We are almost home to Grandma's house!"
Love this "Vignette"
Just Love it!!!

Nanagrandma Sylvia

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Where we used to live was on a corner lot, and had a wood picket fence on 3 sides. I did not like the plain wood, so I wanted to paint it white. Hubby talked me into using stain instead of paint, and it was the best idea ever. While it still needs touchups like paint, you dont have to do it near as often. It's been 4 yrs since we stained it, and it's just now starting to show some wear.
Love the set up you have!

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Looks great!!! I am collecting bottles...great idea. I like the bench too!!

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Marlene Kindred

Another wonderful garden spot Jeanne! Love the blue bottle fence and the hanging window and I have loved your potting bench since the first time I saw it. Even though I like the look of chippy stuff, I'm like you....I would paint the potting might try watering down some dark paint and just lightly brushing over it when your finished if you want it to look more aged. But, I love the door you used at the back of the bench...thanks for sharing your latest creation with us!

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I love it all!! I really like the weathered look....but then it is yours and you are the one that has to look at it every do what pleases YOU!! Thanks for sharing all your lovely pics, you must have a great camera as they are all so pretty and professional looking shots. Impressed with the blue bottle fence husband doesn't like bottle trees, so I'm having a hard time there......maybe he'll like the fence idea!!!

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spedigrees z4VT

I love all your blue bottles and other accessories, Jeanne! The wire wrap holders that your hubby made are really nice. Also the grape design on the window that your friend painted is gorgeous. He/she must be a very talented artist.

I like the look of the chipped paint on your potting bench, but I'd worry about weather damage. It's such a beautiful piece.

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Jeanne, I love it all and agree with what everyone else said! GORGEOUS setting! So, when are you having garden tours? I want to make reservations! You two are soooo inspiring! I still have your door arbor creation on my to do list! Thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Hi, I don't post often but do lurk. love way u put all this together and the blue bottles. while looking idea/thought popped into my head. why couldn't a person use old bed spring coils to hold bottles?

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mary2010(9 FL)

What a great way to display your bottles!!! Love it . . . might try to see if my DH will make some hangers like that for me. Maybe if I ask nice?? Love your garden and can't wait to see what you decide with the potting bench. I'm a fan of rustic, shabby chic furniture.

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Thanks GJers for your comments & good ideas..appreciated! Can't wait to get another blue bottle...on the lookout!

cegg...good idea of "bed springs"...I did try that but the bedsprings I had were not heavy enough gauge for the bottles...& if there's a breeze, we feel the wind here!And, nanag'ma...I would love that children's book! LOL!

Here's a couple more pics of that area...I put my fern back on the patio & added this wood plant hanger that DH made yrs & yrs & yrs ago...I will put something in it...but right now, it reminds me of "framed art."

That 2 holder wine rack ($2) I mentioned before ...cut off the bottom of it & it works quite good on the fence for the big bottle.

And I dug up a big ol' Hosta that was crowded & moved it ...adding big pcs of bark I peeled off of some cut logs...the bark will break down this Fall & Winter:

I have a couple metal art "stars" that I purchased on a fun trip in early Spring at a laser place...I'm working on an idea to fit them into the Blue Bottle Fence. Thanks again, GJers! Jeanne S.

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Great outdoor room, hope there are couple of chairs nearby so you can sit & enjoy it all. Your bottle fence is shaping up nicely & love the big bottle holder & leaves. I agree your friend is very talented to make such a lovely window. Jan

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Bottles! Just gotta love em. I'm hoping to do something creative with the ones I have saved. I just thought I would mention using copper wire when wire is needed for exterior purposes. Go to your local electrical supply store and request to see their bare braided copper wire. Seven strand cable is good. Not very expensive, and it can be easily seperated. Using a broom handle or larger dowel, the wire can be shaped to a general spiral form by simply wrapping it around. Wrap your bottles or maybe a copper tubed trellis with these elongated springs for a lifetime of enjoyment and beautiful petina as time goes by.Excuse my spelling and I really don'

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Love all your stuff. You've never shown anything I didn't like.EVER. AINT NO HANTS GONNA GET THROUGH THAT GATE THANKS TO THOSE BOTTLES!!!!!

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jeannespines, Do you give tours of your grounds? ;) Love your garden!

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I just love the entire thing! I love blue bottles as well. I have more not in my backyard just because they are bigger. Thanks for planting ideas into my head for the future. I can imagine the cardinals against the blue!
Love, Jules

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Yes every one has said it !!!It looks so inviting !Some round balls would look good in that basket.EVERY THING LOOKS GREAT!!

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Today DH & I added the "laser stars" to my blue bottle fence (they are metal & torched blue by the seller) pretty cool! I had bought 3 of them in the Spring on a road trip with plans to make a GJ hanging project. I had tried metal beads & such with them on spinners but they just blew the whole thing in the wind & didn't twirl! SO DH opened his "tackle box" & added spinners & fishing line & we put them up....kind of hard to see...but you get the jest of it. I love ' sunshine pic is taken in drizzle & wind! (they do work!)

Here's a full view:

No progress on potting table either...too much rain & a nice vacation. Still to come, I hope. Jeanne S.

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I can make out your spinner stars. They look very cool and I bet they are stunning in a breeze! Your fence is coming along nicely. Keep those pictures coming!

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I love ur garden ideas.... they are marvlous!..... I have long wanted to do something with the cobalt blue bottles, but the " bottle trees" werent quite to my liking... but this fence is wonderful...... I do not have a fence per se, as I have a small lot in town now... but u have given my imagaine such a a boost!!

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Thanks, everyone! Boy, the blue bottles sure are pretty in the I know what I was missing "bottle tree" GJers knew the beauty of it all along! I've added updated posts ck them out...have fun with your bottles! hearing from you again! Jeanne S.

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