Honda oil leak, and runs rough

gardenski(5)April 19, 2010

I have a 17yr old HR215HXA hydrostatic drive. Engine #GXV140-135. When the engine warms up it leaks oil onto the deck. Drips from the head slightly off center toward the carb side..

I got tired of cleaning up oil and bought a Toro 20070 2 years ago and the Honda has been sitting.

Today It wouldn't start without starting fluid and wouldn't run faster than half throttle.

I took WD40 and cleaned lots of gunk off the carburetor linkage and freed everything up (I think).

Now it will idle smoothly but at fast speed, it surges. I noticed the linkage behind the cable throttle (with a moving plastic piece on top) moves back & forth with the engine surge. Also it won't even run fast until it is completely warmed up. It leaked oil for 2 or 3 seasons before I parked it.

There was an awful lot of sludge built up on and around the carb so I suspect the leak is somewhere in that area.

My oldest son just bought his first house & needs a mower so if I can fix it without spending a lot of money I'd like to give it to him. I'm no mechanic but I have tools and I can follow directions. Please help.

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No idea on the oil leak, but the surge is due to a plugged/gummed carb jet or fuel delivery concern. Pull the carb bowl off, remove and clean the jet, reassemble. Verify you have proper fuel flow at the carb fuel inlet. Easy job.

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Go to an auto parts store-buy several cans of Gunk engine cleaner and a parts washing brush. (Get the regular Gunk! The foaming stuff is not so good.) The brush will have short stiff bristles. A regular paint brush won't do the job.
Then clean off the heavy grease and goop, then spray the engine cleaner "Gunk" all over the engine and its parts. Allow to set for 5-10 minutes, then using a water hose, give it a good bath, until it comes clean.(Do not use a high pressure machine that folks use to clean walks, and other stuff. It will insert water where you don't need it!
Do this on a hot sunny day! After you get the whole thing clean and sprayed with the water hose, then move it into the hot sunshine, and allow it to sit and dry up. I do this to all of my stuff, and it doesn't seem to hurt it.
Some who like to argue with this old bird, will take me to task for the preceding instructions, but its my way, and i ain't changing! And, WD 40 is NOT an engine cleaner!
If your engine is Over-head valve, the valve cover gasket is leaking. And, the engine surging is caused by dirt in the inner passages of the carb. It needs a good soak in carb cleaner, and a complete disassembly for cleaning. Hope this helps some. Rusty Jones

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