Zero turn mowers

emu29April 10, 2010

I am researching zero turn mowers to purchase same in the near future. I will be buying at the 42" deck size. I have narrowed my options to the Toro Time Cutter 42", 21hp (Kawasaki engine) and the John Deere EZ Trak Z225...also a 42" deck with a B&S 18.5hp engine.

I have also looked at Craftsman ZTS6000 a 42" with 21hp B&S.

I have noticed that the Craftsman and Troy Bilt (may be more)have a "piviting front axle" for smoother ride over slightly uneven ground....where the John Deere and Toro units do not have this feature as their front axles seem to be one solid axle.

Intuitively, it would seem the piviting front axle would be an advantage.



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The pivoting front axle actually allows the mfg to build a cheaper and lighter weight frame. The pivoting axle also causes the deck to scalp some areas more easily. It is not an advantage. I would go with the Toro or John Deere.

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Up until the 2008/09 Winter, I knew nothing about Z-turns as my two prior mowers were JD riders. Then I decided I wanted one. I spent a lot of time in stores, on-line and independent reading. I even came over here from the Computer Help Forum for some really great input. The end result was a JD Z425 with no complaints after one season.

Depending on how much you have to cut, how often, and how even the terrain is you might be able to use a Z225. However, they are not noted for any heavier use.

Sorry, but I was not impressed with the Toro product line.

Good luck.


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Your right about the Toro. I bought a Z5000 Timecutter in 2008. Since day one, EVERYTIME I get it out to cut grass, both front tires are flat. I pump them up, cut my grass just fine. The next week I come to cut the grass, they are BOTH flat again. This has gone on WEEKLY for over two years. Toro says there is no problems with the tires. Yea right! The company or the dealer will not do anything about the problem. They say there must be something else wrong. So the 3 year warranty they give with the machine is a joke. I spoke to a guy one morning while shopping at Home Depot that has the same z5000, and he said his tires are also flat every week. So I think the tires Toro puts on these things are defective from the factory. (they are made in China, I think) The z5000 seams to work fine otherwise. I have had Wheelhorse/Toro faithfully for over 40 years. I think my next machine will be a John Deere Zero Turn.

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