Murray riding mower will not crank or move when pushed

jmorrell588April 19, 2009

Hello folks... I have a 2001 murray 12.5 hp with a 40 inch deck... It will not crank... I replaced the battery and still will not crank... also I cannot move the riding mower with the lever in neutral... (It worked fine yesterday... parked it under the deck to finish the cutting today)

I can move the gear lever from any gear and back to neutral and still cannot move it (Push it)... so it under the deck waiting for some sound advice from you folks on how I can get it to move so I can get it in the garage to work on... or what might be causing it to not start and move... Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response...

Sincerely Jmorrell588

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I would check the belts under the engine to be sure one of them hasn't gotten caught between pulley and belt guard or something stuck in it causing both your problems. Have you tried turning the engine by hand? Placing the palm of your hand on the flywheel screen, press down hard and see it the flywheel will move clockwise or either direction?

Walt Conner

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Walt... thank you for your response... no I have not tried to turn the flywheel and never thought about that... I will look into that and the belts when I get home from work... thank you for your advice...

Sincerely Jmorrell588

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