Metal Tins

kirkus(5a)August 12, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Weekend! :o) Our family set our alarms and went to the annual community center yard sale today. Bought lots of treasures including a few blue wine bottles for a dime a piece. One can never have too many blue bottles! LOL Bought an ugly old lamp with glass crystal teardrop prisms on it. The lamp was $4 but there were over 50 prisms for the windchimes we make! Purchased these tins in the picture for 25 cents a piece. Isn't the BIG one cool? An old candy can. Can't wait to plant it up or use it in my work area in the garage! :o) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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The tins were a great buy. I especially like the big one with the handles. I'd use it for a trash can in my workshop.

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Hey kirk,
those are really neat. how about posting a picture of the lamp for us?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Great tins. Lvoe the animal crackers one!
I too would like to see the lamp.

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I'll try to get a photo of the lamp. We removed the crystals and gave it to our daughter earlier in the day to sell at a friend's garage sale this weekend. :o) We work quickly! I can definitely get a photo of the prisms though. :o)

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Sounds like you had a very good day.


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That candy tin needs to be at eye level in garage so you or whoever comes in says"Oh, what a neat old candy tin!" Americana at it's best! I used to have the animal cracker 1 around here. I have a "Betsy Ross"(she sewed the American Flag)tea tin, size of the Shilling spice containers when they were tin. But it was made so when the tea was gone the lid that was oval on top & you pried off like the old spice cans, well, it had a slot 1 1/2 in. long so that you could save up your money in your "tea" bank. I've only seen repos not the real thing since I got mine. The Bokar or Eight O'clock Coffee tins are repos & $10 is what son paid for each! Cute but not quality of real thing. I love the Lipton tea tin, that's great! I want to see the prisms too! I had a ball at an estate sale this morning.(man isn't dead just moved up north so family could take care of him) Brass owl bell($1) & potbellied stove($2) with whole in top OK as will look great on BBQ with plant on it,11 in. tall. Also a railroad spike dog!(50cents) Most of other stuff was just practical stuff. Love the good sales tho & you did great today! Jan

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Oh PLEASE don't plant that tin.... remember the birds you got and scraped the paint off to find it was a treasure?? those cans could be a treasure too... A lot of old time war memories there for some... the sweet , tea, and koolaid tin could be worth a lot to someone. Have seen them priced for 5 bucks and up at some malls, You made quite a haul and now the lamp is getting more interesting :) geeme

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Yep, those are some neat tins...especially that big one.
Don't paint it, as geeme said. It has history and character, and might even be worth something to a collector.

So Mr Tin Man, you are really hitting a lot of jackpots on your treasure hunting lately! I keep thinking I should move to Washington, especially when its hot as H--- here for half the year.

hugs, Karen

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Definitely some good GJ goodies there! And a steal on the lamp w/prisms!!! WOW! You'll be busy 'wind-chiming' for awhile this Winter! And if it were me, I'd go ahead & 'plant' that ol' candy one...some Fall Mums (yellow or orange or burgandy) would looks awesome in it on your porch area! TFS, Kirk! Great bargain $$$! Jeanne S.

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Ooops, just saw I typed 'paint' instead of plant. Anyway,
maybe you should do like me, plant SILK flowers. No watering and weather doesn't kill them. LOL. (actually its ME with my black thumb who doesn't kill them. Tho summers here are hard on real ones too.)

hugs, Karen

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

You do seem to find the best stuff! I like the idea of a plant in the can, but I would use one already in a pot to keep the can in better shape. As clever as you are, I'm sure that was already the plan.

I think it's cool that you found a chandelier with lots of prisms! I will have to keep my eye out for those for the prisms too. I don't make wind chimes, but I know I've wanted prisms for something! LOL!

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