Lawn mower doesnt stay on

ectreyApril 12, 2010

Hi, I have a Toro 20017 22" Personal Pace for eight years now. It's been working fine ever since until now. When I pull the rope to start it, it starts but after 2-3 seconds, it dies out. Help, please?

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Old gas has probably turned to gum, blocking the jets in the carburetor. Did you leave gas in the mower over the winter?

Fix is to disassemble carburetor and boil out the jets in carb cleaner. I mean the cleaner that comes in a gallon can with a dip basket.

Your engine is a Tecumseh, and the repair kit for the carb is 632809 and your Toro dealer should be able to provide. Price should be about $7.00.

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The easy fix is to remove the bottom brass bolt under the carb fuel bowl. First tip the mower up on its RH-side wheels so the carb is high. This is also the oil drain position. Never raise the other side unless all the oil and gas are out of the engine. Anyway, when you get tthe 'bolt' out, clean it up and make sure all holes are open. Pay attention to the tiny hole at the end of the threads that is on an angle - rod it out with the soft steel wire out of a wire tie off a loaf of bread, then blast it good with carb cleaner. After this, use STA-BIL 'Marine' fuel stabilizer (blue, super concentrate). Put it in your gas can every time you buy gas.

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+1 on what saxman1 said. On that bolt, there are 4 holes that you can clean -- two at the bottom of the threads when the bolt is sitting on its head, one at the top of the shaft, and then the angled one at the top of the threads.

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