Toro Stopped Propelling Automatically-Pic

naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)April 3, 2010

Not even sure if thats the right termonology.

I got a Toro Lv195xa from Home Cheapo 3 years ago. I need to pull down the handle and pull the starter cord to start. It used to go on its own which was nice up little hills but Last year it stopped.

Any idea, pictures or what I can look for? or even the right termonology might help me.

This is the manual if it helps..

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On the left upper end of the handle, you will see a clamp that holds the cable for the drive in place. Maybe it loosened up and now there is not enough tension to drive. When you nudge the top of the handle down- does it do anything? Other common possibilities would be a an unhooked cable or belt. If you tip the mower to inspect, tip it briefly and with the primer side up.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

Thats what I meant. When I push the handle down/forward it doesn't do anything..I just checked and it's attached on both sides of handle. I haven't really checked underneath.

I noticed there was a metal mechanism underneath. I wonder what that is. Maybe it short circuited?

The right side seems to go to fuel throttle and seems to be connected.

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Your handle looks loose and that may be affecting the tension on the drive cable somehow.

Also, look at the top of the handle from the underneath side and push down on the handle like you were trying to mow -- you should be able to see the drive cable moving in a kind of U-shaped fashion (i.e. there's a kind of pulley that the cable goes around) such that the farther you push the handle, the tighter the cable gets -- is that happening?

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'is that happening?'

Apparently not.

Yeah, you need to pull a little more tension on the drive belt by sliding the drive cable housing in the clamp. And like the man said, tighten up that folding handle. Jeez.

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Probably the roundness of the steel handle clamp area is starting to open up so no amount of tightening will work. If you have access to a torch, this can easily be fixed, but otherwise, use hose clamps below the knobs.

I think the belt is stretched too much.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

I'll try and check this afternoon but the tension seemed fine and actually moved when I push handle forward.

I did notice a little metal box underneath the lawnmower where these cables go to. Perhaps something short circuited?

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"Short circuited" implies something electrical, but there's no electrical component to this problem. It's all mechanical. You push the handle, which applies tension to a cable, which causes a belt to become tighter around a pulley, which transfers engine power to the transmission and wheels.

Lv195xa is the engine model, not the model of the mower. Please post the mower model (a five digit number probably starting with a "2" on a white decal under the black door on the back of the mower) and your mower's serial number (which will indicate what year your mower is) so people can steer you to a schematic diagram on the web.

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One more thing -- when you apply tension to the cable by pressing down on the Personal Pace handle, ultimately what you're doing under the deck is applying tension to a spring adjacent the transmission. Tip the mower on its side (after removing the spark plug), have someone push the handle, and see if the spring is moving under the deck. Even if it is, it still may not be moving enough, etc., but having that info will help the diagnosis.

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