Briggs & Stratton 550 Series

moweruserApril 13, 2010

I pulled it out of the shed after not using it all winter. I changed the spark plug and cleaned the carburetor. But it only starts up, and then only for a few seconds, if I hold it upside down for about 20 seconds. I don't suppose this is a good idea but it does work every time, which seems to indicate that it's not a problem with the dynamo. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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I figured it out. I didn't fully empty the tank and there must have been water (which is heavier than gas) at the bottom of the tank after being in snow and rain, which is why it started when I turned it upside down (gas on top got through the carburetor) but when right side up and the carburetor intake, which is at the very bottom of the tank, sucked in the water, it wouldn't start.

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Does your shed have a roof?If so,how could it be in the snow and rain?

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Can you do a you-tube of this operation? The awards season is upon us.

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My new machine start every time but the idle is very low, so it takes 3 times longer to do the job... is there any idle adjustment, I don't see any screw or adjustment on the carburator..

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Ideally, it should be set up by someone w/ tach. If it is new, take it in for warraty service. Without engine spec #s, I can exactly tell you how to speed the engine up. if it is a Briggs, it will have some form of a tab to bend to put more tension on the governor spring. Too much speed is dangerous.

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I have been trying to find the place where you change the oil. Can someone help me to place on a Briggs&statton 550 series- Poulan pro- HELP

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Run the mower to warm the oil up and shut it off. Tip the mower on it's side and drain it out the fill tube. I rest the handle on a block to keep it perpendicular w/ the ground. You may also have the option to remove a plug from the oil pan (using a 3/8 extension)- but why bother? If you plan on restarting the mower right after changing- know it will be moderately "flooded" and don't prime it.

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On Arpril 30, I posted How I can't find where you change the oil, this is May 4,2011, and I haven't heard any answer from anyone. Can I get a responds please. I need to change the oil, because it is black,just as I change my oil every 3,000 miles on my car, I need to change the oil on this model before the engine fail. HELP, so that I without give this model a bad report. Thank you.

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