Toro Recycler will start but dies quickly

catskilletApril 30, 2010

We are renting a house. The homeowner left his Toro Recycler here for us to use so I don't know how old it is. We only used the mower once last year and after that we paid a guy with a riding mower to cut. We want to cut the lawn ourselves this year as the mower is self-propelled and anyway why not? I (the wife) cut the grass last week. We topped up the gas and the mower started conked out a few times while I was mowing but I managed to get the large yard mowed. Today...the mower starts up after priming but it sounds like it needs to throttle faster and dies out. It needs to be primed each and every time we go to start it. I cleaned the air filter (probably need to buy a new one though) my husband says it sounds like it's the lawn mower isn't getting enough gas. He wants to get some of that gas cleaner additive. I said I thought the gas was maybe too old since we only used it once last year and he says he doesn't think it could be the gas. Any suggestions before I take it to a lawnmower shop? I can't even get 20 feet mowed without it dying. Neither one of us knows anything about motors or engines.

If someone is going to tell me that it's probably the gas and to change do I now that the tank is full?


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You have to change out the gas and use a fuel stabilizer at all times - put it in the gas can before filling it at the station. Search on here for Tecumseh and find instructions for pulling the orice bolt out of the carb fuel bowl and cleaning it. If you pull it with the mower sitting on its wheels, all gas will drain from the hole - have a pan or something to catch it. You can put it in your car gas tank - that small amount of stale gas in the car won't hurt anything.

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