Briggs and stratton spitting gas out carb.

justin3April 9, 2007

OK heres my problem I have a Briggs and stratton 11hp engine on a murray riding mower, it has very little use and was given to me by my uncle who ran it on with to much oil. The engine would surge and spit gas out the carb so I suspected the intake valve not closing fully. I took off the head and found alot of carbon buildup especialy around the valves so I cleaned the valves with my wire wheel and then lapped then with lapping compound. Now I started the engine up and it runs worse, it spits more gas out the carb. What did I do wrong??!

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Didn't you post this before? Anyway, you aren't explicit enough. Does it spit some gas when cranking or when running? This engine has an "Easy Spin" Cam which holds the Intake Valve open very late into the compression stroke resulting in compression being released back thru the carb at cranking speeds. Once started, this affect becomes negligible.

Walt Conner

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The engine blows puffs of gas back out the carb when the engine is cranking and when the engine is running. I can see a puddle of gas in the carb when it was running. I check my valve lash at 1/4 past TDC and the Intake is at .005 and the exaust is at .009 I have posted alot of topics recently and I appoligize if anyone gets upset lol but I want to know what I am doing wrong.

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