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mikealltogetherMay 30, 2014

Hello all!

Can anyone help in identifying the weed pictured below?

My wife and I recently bought our house and the yard was obviously severely neglected for years, so I've begun quite the rehabilitation project at the beginning of spring. I'm thoroughly familiar with the Bermuda Bible and know what steps need to be taken over time, but my Google-fu failed while trying to figure out what this is. Tried a few weed ID tools and failed. I'm sure it's quite common and that I'm just overlooking it.

The yard was a good 80% weeds at the start of green up, and I've started on the road of getting the turf healthy, but I needed some herbicide help on the weeds at first. Since I have more time than money, I did a full lawn spray of Weed B Gone a couple of weeks ago since Celsius is out of my wife-okay-with-it range (even with the $/SF argument). It took care of clover great, and dandelions fairly well, but this damn thing didn't budge, and it is quite prolific in the back yard. Any help would be appreciated!


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You might need to take that to a local nursery and ask.

You're going to have trouble with bermuda adjacent to the north, west, and east sides of your fences and buildings. Bermuda is a full sun plant. You might want to consider alternate ground covers or installing beds in those areas.

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I'm going to go with Veronica aka corn speedwell. Winter annual should die on its own soon. It's particularly hard to kill in the spring with a herbicide. A dense stand of turf going into fall will greatly reduce this weed, next spring.

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