Logan Labs Soil Test Report

CPascalMay 22, 2012


I received a soil test report from Logan Labs per the suggestion of many on this forum (see below). I was hoping to get the community's thoughts on what amendments I should add to my lawn, how much, and when. Thanks in advance --

Total Exchange Capacity (M.E.): 8.97

PH: 6.00

Organic Matter: 5.11


Sulfur ppm: 14

Mehlich III Phosphorus: 593

Exchangeable Cations:

Calcium lbs/acre: 2439 (desired) 2468 (value found)

Magnesium lbs/acre: 258 (desired) 173 (value found) -85(deficit)

Potassium lbs/acre 279 (desired) 109 (value found) -170(deficit)

Sodium lbs acre: 50

Base Saturation Percentages:

Calcium (60-70%): 68.80

Magnesium (10-20%): 8.04

Potassium (2 to 5%): 1.56

Sodium (.5% - 3%): 1.22

Other Bases (Variable): 5.40

Exchangable Hydrogen (10 to 15%): 15%

Trace Elements:

Boron (ppm): .41

Iron (ppm): 209

Manganese (ppm): 16

Copper (ppm): 4.97

Zinc (ppm): 9.5

Aluminum (ppm): 1073

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Nice test, not much needs doing to bring it up to snuff. pH is a touch low, liming will bring it up a bit, and will raise your Mg level which is also low. You need either Dolomitic lime, or Mag Turf Pro (it works faster than regular dolomitic lime and is available at Lesco/JDL). Apply using the high rate on the bag. Your potassium level is very low. The best way to remedy this is with potassium sulfate, comes in a bag labeled 0-0-50. 2 lbs. per thousand this month and next month, then in Sept and Oct. Don't get potassium chloride, or muriate of potash. It will provide the K you need, but you don't need the chlorides. You can find potassium sulfate at some garden centers, sometimes Lesco/JDL, but if not there then online. Your micronutrients look OK, except for Boron, which is on the low side. Correcting boron levels is tricky, because too much is toxic, and a little boron goes a long way. Ideally you want to use a spreadsheet program, but barring that, you want to apply it very conservatively. Maybe Andy will chime in on that aspect. Your aluminum is pretty high, but at that pH it won't be toxic, so not to worry.

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Thanks for the feedback. Quick question: is potassium sulfate the same as sulfate of potash?

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Yes, it should be labeled as 0-0-50. Potassium chloride, or muriate of potash is labeled as 0-0-60.

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