22" toro gts 6.5 not starting. Tried cleaning jet

projectssApril 20, 2014

I bought this lawn mower used today. I was told it was in storage for a while. Sometimes i have a hard time turning it on then it shuts off a couple of seconds later or a minute. I can keep it on, priming it. After i stop priming it shuts off.

So I tried cleaning the jet. All three holes are clear. I cleaned the spark plug which was in bad shape.

Float seems to have little cracks and it didnt come with a air filter. I did empty the gas tank and put in new gas in it. I also blew some nitrogen through the carb. ( i use the nitrogen at work to clean refrigerant lines).

The hose that goes from carb to top of the block is torn.

Can the torn hose(breather) or cracked float cause these problems?


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I would replace the needle and seat kit, the seals on the emulsion tube, fuel line, float and if the bowl is corroded on the edge- replace that as well. Yes on replacing the breather hose, plug and air filter too. It will not directly cause the runabilty condition- but will shorten the life of the engine further. That is if the screws that retain the filter base are there as they need to be installed to prime and run up well.

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basically this ebay kit plus the breather and fuel hose?

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay carb, spark, filter kit

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I guess you could. If it was really an OEM carburetor as described it would be a heck of a deal. The Tecumseh distributor puts list on the carb at $73. Even if it wasn't an OEM, it may be fine - though future service parts could be different. The thought occurred to me that you could also order a head gasket while you are sprucing this up and clean up the combustion chamber.

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When you cleaned the metering bolt, are you sure you rodded out the smallest one with the wire from a small wire tie?

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