Concrete mushrooms

dee54August 12, 2008

Here are three of the 14 concrete mushrooms that I have made in the last three weeks. They are so much fun to see what they look like when unmolded. I use a variety of plastic and glass items like fast food big drinking cups, glass or plastic sundae glasses, glass footed candy dishes, and metal bowls.

When using the cups or sundae glasses I first spray Pam and then line the inside of the glass with plastic. For the tops I just line with the plastic unless it is a deep bowl. It then is easy to pop or pull out the hardened form. Then they go into the water to cure. I also use another cup like the stem that I cover in plastic and place in the middle of the top so the two will fit right into each other when finished.

Image link:

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! They really look real! Very nice!

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Bright199(foothills NC)

Totally awsome... I just love mushrooms!!!

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I love the mushrooms! Do you have a special mix for them or just portland cement? Do you paint them?

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morninglori I use
1 portland
1 sand
No, I have not painted any but I do want to try. I also have made leaves and have painted them before. I want to try hypertufa for the mushrooms so that I can carve them a bit.

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Those turned out really cute, Dee. I especially like the littlest one. But that freeform looking top on the big one is awfully neat too.

hugs, Karen

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I like what you have done. It seems every time I sign on to this forum I have to get my notes out because someone has come up with a new way to make something. This of course is going in my notes for future reference. Nice job.


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BRAVO,DEE!! I especailly love the one on the left, I immediately pictured it painted up and some green moss on it and a little fairy house and fairy on top!
They look SO REAL!!!
I think they are absolutely beautiful! What form did you use for the one on the left?
I think my heart needs one!


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These are great, you made 14. You've been busy!

I like these and will have to try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

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Those look great! You really did a great job on them, I love the way you have them textured. Luvs

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They turn out so great. I really like the flatter one.
Good Job!

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daisydal I used a glass footed dish for the top and a large plastic glass for the ste. Here is a picture.

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You said, "then they go in the water to cure."
I've been making face rocks... pop them out of the mold and let them set for a week before I paint...that's the curing. Please explain the water part...something that may work better for me! And I LOVE your mushrooms! And I see now that nice glassware can be used with spray and plastic. Jeanne S.

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Here's a link from dee54's other posting showing glassware used for concrete mushrooms. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Jeanne S. First thank-you for the link. From reading I have learned that to fully cure cement you must keep it in water for 28 days. Not sure why but 28 is the magic number. I have also read that smaller things such as the mushrooms are like 75% cured like after a week or more in the water. The water makes the cement harder. I really do not know how this works. I have not always done the full 28 days and everything has been fine with my mushrooms and leaves that I have made for me or gifts. Now I have a childs size pool full of concrete things that I am leaving for the full length of time. It is hard to wait so long though.

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