HD needs to re-organize its layout

mommyandme2August 28, 2011

As I said previously, we are actively making new creations. Flowers need stems, right ? Examining and comparing rebar, pvc, threaded rods, curtain rods, wooden dowels and garden stakes requires way too much walking for an old lady with RA. I wish they'd set up a department just for us garden junkers. If they put all the "flower stems" together it would really help us make up our minds w/o wearing ourselves out. What do you think ?

On the other hand, I find the HD parking lot to be a treasure trove. People drop nuts & bolts, washers, jump rings, s-hooks - even loose change. A quick stroll around the parking lot, which is only a 3 minute walk from where we live, almost always results in several free items that we can use. Has anyone else found home improvement store parking lots to be great sources for free stuff ?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I recommend electrical conduit for flower stems, either plastic which is very inexpensive, or the metal also cheap at 4 x the price of the plastic. The plastic buy in 10 foot lengths for less than $2, and cut one end pointy to go into the soil. Have to spray paint the plastic on one side to get rid of the lettering.
I've never looked that much in the parking lot. I'll have to pay closer attention!

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I never even thought of electrical conduit! One more aisle to go down next time I'm in there. "Mommy"

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My bro. cemented in 10 ft poles & cut off to make 8 ft above ground.They could be removed in winter as he used larger pole in ground that they fit into. They were electrical pipe 1 in. in center diameter & wind whipping the shade-cloth on top of them has slightly bend a couple . Had them up since last summer as barely home & heat kills yard so this is really helping. Would make great poles for most garden uses. Light weight too. Can rough them slightly with sandpaper or just use cloth with rubbing alcohol to get the oils from your hands or factory off so paint sticks better. Our HD parking lot is full of trash left over like torn boxes, broken pieces of wood,bent nails etc. Nothing of interest. Jan

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Acetone will remove the lettering on PVC pipe.
I have not done it in awhile, but it did a couple
of years ago anyway. I have painted some though,
and had no problem with it. I may have wiped those
pieces with acetone too-don't remember...
I have been known to take several bud vases, etc, with
me and try different things for 'size'. Vases vary
with manufacturer. Sometime people look at me
strange when I slip a piece of re-bar or conduit into
a green water bottle, vase or an oil/vinegar bottle. LOL
Mainly I measure to use those for teacup birdfeeders, or short totem stakes.
So I have 2 sizes of re-bar, 2 sizes of PVC and the

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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

Why not paint the electrical conduit stems green?

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I have painted conduit green for stems. Sometimes I just leave them as is. I really prefer copper pipe even though it's more expensive.

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