Question about Kentucky Blue Sod

danielj_2009May 16, 2014

Hi. I had my yard sodded with Kentucky Bluegrass last fall and put in a sprinkler system. I made sure it was well fertilized last fall, and now this spring it is starting to look great! I did notice a weed here and there from the old yard that was killed off so I am spot treating the weeds.

It has been so cold here in NJ this spring that a lot of the turf hasn't really begun growing in earnest. So maybe I'm premature with this, but... I notice that there are lighter patchy areas, and I've come to see that a lot of the grass is putting out little seed heads. The lighter patches of turf are areas where there are more seed heads. I've never owned Kentucky Bluegrass sod before. Is seed head formation in the spring, particularly at such a short height, normal?

Thanks for any help!

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Well it seems I posted too soon. I managed to find a link from 7 years ago that says this is normal. I've never had KBG sod before so I couldn't know. I'm a little relieved.

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As you've said these are lighter patches, make sure that it's KB seeding and not Poa Annua. Check the photos that truftoes posted in the thread you linked to. In particular, compare the close up pictures of the seed heads with what you have in your lawn.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Don't try posting follow-up questions to Turf_Toes here. He is the owner of the the other major lawn forum.

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