Perhaps a Stupid Grass Question...or two

striper(IL)May 13, 2014

Been mowing my lawn at max height this spring (Toro PP @ 4"), and I'm seeing seed heads everywhere on my fescue blend. The question is, do these seed heads actually drop seeds into the soil, and theoretically thicken the turf, or does mowing the lawn regularly disrupt the seeding dropping cycle?

Then, if my grass is trying to propagate, will the pre-emerge that I previously put down inhibit germination?

Or, am I just way off base on any of this?


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Luisfmart(Zone 9)

Your question will stay up top longer if there are no follow ups, so bumps don't work until there is at least one reply.

The pre emergent you put down definitely affects germination rates; the question is, how much?

I'm not sure about the seed heads either, all I can say is that if you need to mow, then you should mow, do not let your lawn get out of control just to thicken it a bit.

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