New Mower?

whitecapApril 10, 2010

I've got a 5 hp Craftsman I bought about 19 years ago. I've had it "serviced" maybe twice, and may have changed the oil 3 or 4 times since. I checked the oil this morning, and it looks like I let it run a little low last season. I know it started the season with "full" showing on the dipstick, so it's starting to burn a little oil. I don't expect it to last much longer. A kid down the street cuts my yard for me--about 2400 sq. ft. He can't start my mower--takes a pretty hard pull. So I will need something easy to start. The other thing is mulching capability. I spread my leaves over the driveway this morning, and tried to mulch them into a bag, to spread over some beds. That didn't work too well. I had much better results removing the bag and using the mulching plate, but sweeping everything up was a hassle. Obviously, I need something that will hold up to a little light neglect. I'd like to find something in the $500 range. Any suggestions?

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Your best hope is a "curb find"! Or a dump find, or a five finger discount mower. Otherwise go buy a new one--they all live up to their hype! I saw a nice mower today in the paper. Looks like the same type Sears sold with their Craftsman line. A good dependable mower, self propelled, and parts are readily available. B&S engine, and it should last a long time, with proper care. And, with all of the money you saved on oil and proper maintenance, etc., it will make a nice down payment on a new one! And, your troubles will be over, and you can sit and watch your relatives mow yer lawn/yard!

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Came very close to pulling the trigger on a $600 Toro at HD yesterday, but decided that, with fishing weather coming on, I'd be better off buying an assembled one from a dealer. Then I got to thinking about how Rusty coaxes mowers back from Lawn Mower Heaven, and decided the least I could do would be to change the filter and plug in Ol' Red before dragging him out to the curb. He had been running very unevenly, kind of "loping," the other day. The plug looked like something that had been removed from a 54 salvage yard DeSoto. I spent a good 15 minutes cleaning the filter, because I didn't want the parts person to see it like it was. Anyway, I got the new plug and filter in, and whaddayaknow! Ran smooth as silk, no smoke or ominous sounds. The kid was able to start it with the first pull (his arm may have got a little stronger.) I may try to get another 10 years out of this sucker. I suppose I ought to change the oil.

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