My new 54' Husqvarna is awful

clarkgw72April 26, 2008

I literally have to mow my lawn twice because the cutters leave two small strips of grass that don't get cut well the first pass... and it rarely ever cut dandilions or any other tall weeds on the first pass... it is so frustrating to spend a couple grand on a new mower and get these kinds of results. I've lived with it for almost a year now and was wondering if anyone had any advice... this isn't an new issue and it doesn't seem to get worse - always the same, and the blades seem sharp, in fact I cut my finger one one clearing out some grass debris build up...and deck height makes no difference, although at the lowest setting, it seems to do a little better.

Just wondering if anyone else has delt with this issue before.

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Welcome to rider ownership. Three blade decks seem to present more quality of cut issues.It should go without saying blades sharp, deck clean, throttle wide open and mowing at a speed that allows the deck to do it's job. Hopefully the proper blades were installed on your deck. You can also experiment with different style blades. IE bagger, mulch, gators etc. In fact, I had a client with a 46" deck, that gators cleared right up his straggler issue. Next, you get to play scientist and change the pitch of your deck. Why your at it, go through the manual and try the level side to side and pitch by their instructions. The final pitch that correctly mows YOUR lawn may not be what is shown in the book. Standard pitch is always assumed to be "slightly lower in the front". That can end up being pitched even rearward in the end. It is always a trade off moving the deck one way or another. Sometimes striping will go away and stragglers will present themselves. Scared yet? If you bought this from a servicing dealer, talk to them and see what they are willing to do.

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broke_not(3 ND)

Yes, the poor cut issue of some of the AYP machines has come up before. Mine has a 46" 3 blade deck, and it's by far the worst deck design I've ever seen. Too many contours and obstructions underneath to allow the grass to discharge effectively. The clippings bouncing around underneath the deck rapidly begin to build up unless the grass is dry enough to crumble between your fingers. Even if the grass IS that dry, the clippings bouncing off of all of the obstructions STILL affects the airflow underneath to the point that the deck leaving the strips results.

Several forum members have offered up helpful advice when owners post problems like this, but sharpening the blades, leveling the deck, mowing with the throttle pinned wide open, etc. etc. have yet to answer why a different rider with a better deck design can mow the same grass....with dull half throttle....and at a higher ground speed. I've personally compared two other tractors to mine on my lawn. And I've done so immediately after sharpening the blades, leveling the deck, making sure the belts were properly tensioned, etc. on my machine. The machines I compared mine with, hadn't seen a lick of maintenance or fiddling of any kind. Both were cheaper tractors too. I like the tractor itself, but the deck is junk.

Use the search function, and enter phrases like "Husqvarna poor cut".

Here's one of the past threads:

Here is a link that might be useful: Poor quality of cut

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I decided to go out and do some inspection and took off the deck to discover several problems - all were my doing so I don't want to trash Husqvarna mowers. I was wrong about the blades... I found out that what I had cut my hand on before was the back side of the blade which led me to an interesting discovery... these blades appear to be reversable. I couldn't find anything in the owners manual about this but the side I had been using was so tore up (new lawn - kicking up too much gravel and dirt in the beginning) that I couldn't even sharpen them back to original quality. But when I turned them over and used the other sides - problem solved.

Two other problems I discovered that may have played into poor quality was I cleaned out literally 10 gallons of caked in debris, mud and grass in the underside of the deck. Not to mention the middle blade had some twine wrapped around it that I finally was able to clear... it was rotating harder than before. So I'm back in business.. thanks for the responses! Now if I could only find a way to be able to step off the mower and not have it turn off automatically every time. That's one "saftey feature" I could do without.

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To avoid mower shutting off...set parking brake before getting off the seat. If you are interested in leaving the deck running when you are climbing on and off...I cannot say I am a fan of that.

As for the "reversable blades... I have NEVER seen that. Not on any mower or replacement blade. I HAVE seen backwards blades, up-side-down blades--it Pays to be attentive when replacing blades. I suspect misinstalled parts are a much more common problem than most anyone can imagine. Lawn often looks like a $2 haircut after that sort of abuse.

Further note: I've seen chainsaw chains installed backwards on the bar (don't cut for **** that way despite being very sharp). In this particular case it was the operator that had sharpness issues.

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