Toro/Tecumseh - No Spark

tnshooter83April 29, 2010

I have yet another mower that needs repaired.

This one was bought NOT working. My brother bought it

in hopes of a cheap fix to make mowing the lawn easier.

It is a self propelled Toro Model# 20018 with a Tecumseh 6.5 Ft/Lb

I've found that is has NO spark. I've removed the kill wire from the Coil and

grounded a known GOOD spark plug. Still NO spark.

So that should mean the "Kill Wire/Switch" is NOT the problem, RIGHT?

(again I'm a shade tree fix'er up'er)

This leads me to believe that the COIL is my problem.

But at $47.50 for a new coil I'd like to be sure it is the problem.

Could it be anything else?

The gap between the Coil/Wheel gap is about as wide as a business card.

Which in my under standing is about right for most mowers.

I did not change the gap, As far as I know the gap has never been change since it left the factory.

Thanks for any help.

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Is there excessive rust on the coil or magnets? If not, there's a good possibility it's the coil.

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Yes, There is some rust on the the Flywheel, and maybe a
little on the coil. But the magnet looks good. I don't see much rust at all on the magnet. It looks good/black.


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Check the stop switch on the end of the bail cable.I just fixed one where the cable was stretched and it was grounding it out(Just like releasing the bail to shut it off)

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eagleman35(5b MO)

20017 failed to fire...had the coil replaced to get running again......had fixed under the 3 yr warranty over 2 yrs ago

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Thanks to all that replied.

I replaced the coil today, and it now runs.
All I need to do now is sharpen the blades and it should be good to go.

The coil cost

Thanks again

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