Craftsman Weedeater

zoomieApril 6, 2010

There really isnt a place to post a question on weedeater so I will give it a shot here. I have a 25CC Craftsman weedeater model 358.795543 that is getting no spark. I have tried everything and to no avail...Are these small engines prone to coil failure? I am 99% sure that is what it is but dont want to put that much money into a guess. No wires are grounded out, the gap is good and the surfaces are like new. Plug is good as far as I can tell but still no spark. Thanks in advance

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If you havn't done this remove the ground wire from the tab on the coil. Check for fire and if you have none it will have to be the coil or the plug. There are coils for these engines on Ebay in Ebay Stores.

Mike Merritt

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Your weedeater is private label manufactured by Poulan for Sears. The engine used a Phelon (REPCO) magneto. These are widely used by a number of string trimmer, chainsaw, and other OPE manufacturers.

Phelon are usually pretty robust, and have good reliability track records, although failures are not unheard of. Suggest you troubleshoot further as module is likely good, and if you purchase and find it was not the problem, they are usually un-returnable electrical parts.

FYI, the part number of the coil is 545081826 and costs about $25.00.

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Thanks guys, I havent tried the ground wire removal trick yet so I will try and let you know. I too have looked up the coil, they are pricey!!!

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